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The Tambopata Reserve

The Tambopata Reserve Zone (TRZ) is located close to Cusco, in the south-eastern Peruvian, province of Madre de Dios, encompassing an area of 55 sq. km of undisturbed subtropical moist forest.

Research over the last two decades has shown that the TRZ has the greatest diversity of wildlife yet discovered in the world.  It has more species of birds (595 species), butterflies (over 1200 species) and  many other animal groups than  any other location of its size on earth (Guinness Book of Records).  This exceptional diversity is due to its privileged location at the meeting point of lowland Amazon forest with three other ecosystems, including Andean foothills, dry forest and pampas savannah.  At least seven major forest types can be distinguished at the TRZ. Because of its unique features, in 1977, this area was set aside as a Reserved Zone by the Peruvian Government prohibiting any hunting and lumber cutting.  In 1997 the 14,780 sq. km Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone (now known as the Tambopata Nature Reserve) was created which encompasses the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park created in 1996.     

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